The Houston Unites Business Coalition is a vital part of the campaign to protect the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. The coalition aims to: 

  • Provide leadership to the Houston Unites campaign as Houston’s top businesses and employers in the city with a major stake in the diversity of America’s 4th largest city. 
  • Contribute resources to ensure the success of the Houston Unites campaign.
  • Support the communications program by sharing a positive public message about why nondiscrimination protections like the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance matter to Houston’s growing economy, and demonstrating support and helping lead the way for conflicted voters to Vote Yes on Proposition 1. 

  • Support the voter outreach program by contributing volunteers to campaign activities, educating staff and customers about why it is important to protect the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, and engaging with voters to Vote Yes on Proposition 1. 

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The Houston Unites Business Coalition Statement:
Houston voters will be asked the following question on the November 3rd ballot:
"Proposition 1: [Relating to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.] Are you in favor of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, Ord. No. 2014-530, which prohibits discrimination in city employment and city services, city contracts, public accommodations, private employment, and housing based on an individual's sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, familial status, marital status, military status, religion, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, or pregnancy?"
Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the country and our business climate reflects that diversity in terms of business owners, employees and customers. Houston is the headquarters of 26 Fortune 500 companies and a great place for small business owners to set-up shop and succeed.
The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance protects all Houstonians from discrimination regardless of their race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, military status, and pregnancy. It strengthens Houston as a welcoming, diverse community. 
We know that a loss of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance would be bad for business and bad for the pro-business Houston and Texas brands. These brands matter to businesses because they have a direct impact on competitiveness for talent, entrepreneurship, corporate relocation, and tourism. 
That’s why, we, the business community of Houston, are uniting in support of voting YES on Proposition 1 - Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance.